1950s American Fashion Essay

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1950s American Fashion
Grace Kelly, who was award-winning actress and Princess of Monaco said a very independent quote “Women’s natural role is to be the pillar of the family.” (Brainyquotes.com). In the 1950s popular women were considered fashion icons, one of these icons were Grace Kelly. She dressed elegantly with her full skirt dresses, fit and flare dresses, and the tea-length skirts. These fashion icons charmed everyone and had the chance to bring several trends into the world that are still very popular today.
Christian Dior, the fashion designer who has created many brilliant pieces once said “A dress is a piece of ephemeral architecture, designed to enhance the proportions of the female body.” Fashion being a major impact in America brought many different trends to the people and showed their sense of nobility. “At the end …show more content…

“...the nation’s leading libraries converted their buildings into fallout shelters and disseminated survival information to millions of Americans.” (Spencer, Brett). While the men worked to earn paychecks for their families, women stayed home to clean the houses and to keep their dresses without a wrinkle on them. “The second half of the 1950s still emphasized women dressing for ‘their men”.” (1950 to 1960). Women during this decade were to look uniquely beautiful , but dress like every other women in America, they had to look attractive and suitable for outgoing errands. “... practical but attractive housedress, not only for household chores but suitable for quick errands or the school run.” (1950 to 1960). The Cold War brought women into where they had to play the role as the uprising wife who would take care of all the cleaning. “Women’s focus was on rearing children and keeping house as they had largely left the war years’ workplace.” (1950 to

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