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Emergence of fast fashion has brought a drastic change in the fashion industry on a global level. Over the past decade it has brought a significant development in the retail sector as well as consumer behavior. This essay highlights the challenges and the opportunities as well as short term and long-term impacts of fast fashion on the industry. Fashion is a style of clothing or dressing at a particular time or place. Fashion is dynamic that is it keeps changing or evolving with time. Fashion never remains the same and with the advancements in technology fashion has become even more wavering. Fashion is highly influenced from the social, technological and economical changes. A series of events that replace current societal patterns with the …show more content…

The globalization process has lead to shorten of this production cycle across the entire fashion industry to just two weeks. The “on-trend” clothes that were at one point of time only available to thin rich urban fashionistas are now available to a wider audience at a lesser and more affordable price. Death rate of fashion has increased as a result of the changes in the lifestyle and the society. The society has become more accessible and people are now looking for a change. And this change was marked by the introduction of “Fast Fashion”. Fast Fashion is movement of the catwalk designs into he stores in the fastest possible way. It is a speedy response to the latest trends and making them available to the customers at a lower price. A design idea from a runway show in Paris is now available at say for example, Top shop within a month or few weeks. As quoted in Journal of fashion marketing and management: volume 10(3), “fast fashion is a business strategy which aims to reduce the processes involved in the buying cycle and lead times for getting new fashion product into the stores, in order to satisfy consumer demand at its peak.

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