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1970’s Fashion Earth day was first celebrated in United States in 1970. Hippies were primarily the ones who got Earth day passed by the government. Disco was very popular as well; People would go to nightclubs and strobe lights and mirror balls would be everywhere, the latest 70’s hits would also be playing. The Vietnam War, The Battle of Civil Rights and music affected a lot of the fashion in 70’s.
The Vietnam War started in the late 60’s and continued into the early 70’s that's when the hippie movement also started. They valued peace, love, and freedom; The hippies and war protesters started the unisex movement which meant jeans, boots, shorts, and tank tops were worn by both genders. Fashion was a major influence in the United States. It helped people express their beliefs in a controlled manner and shaped the way for women’s rights.
The Fashion in the 1970s started out with messy leftovers from the 1960s and became very …show more content…

Wearing jeans were still a big rejection in the community, but that didn't stop these activists. these young people became known as hippies and militants. With the Vietnam War still going on, the Battle of Civil Rights started. Both hippies and protesters were wanting the Vietnam War and Battle Of the Civil Rights to come to a finish Both War and Battle caused a military style very alluring amongst the hippies and protesters, Finally, the War ended on April 30th, 1975 and the Battle of Civil Rights earlier in the 1970’s.
The Vietnam War, Battle of the Civil Rights and music affected 1970’s fashion. The Vietnam War and Battle of the Civil Rights lasted about ten years. From bell bottom jeans, T-shirts, cornrows, shorts skirts, and DIY, to platforms, afros, glittery tops, and long skirts, these were the latest trends. Many people still remained rebellious and hippies even after the war and battle concluded. Thank goodness for the 21st century is here.

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