American Culture In The 1970s

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The 1970s are known for it’s bold fashions and vibrant art forms, but also is a decade of cultural movement and changes in government. A time filled with flower power and peace, but also violence and emotion. The ‘60s really flowed over into this decade and branched out more extensively than past decades due to the huge steps made by the people. Music was a huge asset to the time that not only influenced audiences but entertained them. Some popular artists of this time that were huge fashion icons include Janis Joplin, The Eagles and Stevie Nicks.
In the beginning of this decade, the war in Vietnam was ongoing since the 1950’s and was drawing to a soon end, along with the continuation of the Cold War which had already lasted several decades. …show more content…

Janis Joplin, who sadly experienced her last year in this decade due to an overdose on heroine in the year of 1970, at the age of 27. However, that did not stop the release of her last album, Pearl. From the ‘60s, Janis was a huge musician and performed at many events including the first Woodstock. She sang of peace and freedom. Her fans still felt her pain throughout the ‘70s when they listened to her haunting voice in her last album. After her death, most of her fans dressed in her vintage style. She loved wearing pops of color and different textured clothing such as lace and velvet. Although she wasn’t too much of a skirt type of girl, she wore long flowy pants. During the colder months she pulled out her favorite furry coats and comfy turtlenecks. Most of the time she kept her hair as natural as can be, and sometimes threw a boa on the crown of her head. Her preference when it came to footwear was mainly any worn-in leather boot, especially ones that pointed at the tips of her toes. On most days, she wore her favorite styled sunglasses which were shaped as circles and draped a ton of beaded necklaces around her …show more content…

She is now referred to as the first taste of the ‘80s towards the end of this decade. She was a mystical and magical artist that kept improving her talents and still performs to this day. Her style was very bohemian and she was referred as the “Gypsy Queen” of the time. She wore long drapey dresses that showed very little skin and flowed as she danced around the stage. Most of the time she wore chunky heels or black leather boots. Matter of fact; her favorite color was black and still continues to be. She loved mixing soft and rough textures which mainly included leather and lace. On top of her flowy long dresses, she wore flowery shawls and scarves. Her main hairstyle was her natural waves and her messy bangs.
What I found interesting from this time was the diversity that occurred throughout each year of this decade. There was so much growth in this time period that not only progressed within each individual but within our country. Music never stayed the same and eventually evolved into disco, but that’s a completely different story. This decade is the main inspiration for my style and has introduced me to the music that I now love.
Through today’s fashion, some style that remains from the ‘70s include the bold floral prints, lace shirts, blue jeans and flowy skirts. Also accessories such as sunglasses, beaded jewelry, leather belts, scarves and cowboy hats have

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