Barbie's Positive Influence On Pop Culture

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Barbie is a doll that was introduced in 1959, she took the world by storm with her fashion and changing careers. She greatly influenced pop culture and the thoughts and beliefs of people. Barbie has been involved in many controversies over the years due to her body image and the high body expectations that she sets for young girls. She has had a significant impact on social values by conveying characteristics of female independence. Barbie has had positive and negative influences on fashion, interests and beliefs of a certain year, which continually changed throughout the decades.

Through the decades, the way Barbie dressed, reflects the fashions of a particular decade. Although Barbie did not create these fashions herself, by wearing certain popular clothes, or having a certain hair style, she has been able to reinforce the popular fashion of the time. What Barbie wore influenced what children might like to wear, and sometimes even influencing parents. Whatever was popular at a certain time, she wore in the most stylish way possible. She wore accessories of all kinds, from hats to handbags to shoes of all colours. When a certain job was popular, she wore the outfit of that job. Barbie still …show more content…

Although Barbie has conveyed many beliefs through the clothes and jobs she has had, the most controversial belief has been body image. Since first being brought out into the world, Barbie has had an unreasonably shaped body, with a small waist and large breasts. All of Barbie’s body features have impacted the way society expects women to look. But in 2016, Barbie had a dramatic makeover, she was released in different heights and body shapes, making her more suitable to the way women actually look. Barbie’s new look has made a positive impact on young girls and potentially society’s unrealistic expectations of

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