Compare And Contrast Warren Pryor And Barbie Doll

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Compare Contrast Essay: Warren Pryor & Barbie Doll The poem, “Warren Pryor” by Alden Nowlan, introduces a boy, free’d from the hard-labour on a farm, with the sacrifices made by his parents, however, it evokes his sense of feeling trapped. In the poem, “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy, a girl modifies her appearance, because of this she dies. Seen as ‘successful’, isn’t the same as being successful. Both of these poems evoke change made for someone else's advantage, suggest an important message to their audience, and the characters were viewed as successful by others, not themselves. Warren was boarded of to school in town and raised to get a city job away from the farm where his parents worked. He was never given a choice and now he was trapped in a job he hates. His parents sacrificed a lot in-order for him to become a wealthy business man, but he was born to work with his strength. His parents cared more about their own image, proud of themselves with their son's success. He didn’t want to hurt them so he stayed with his miserable life for their benefit. The girl in ‘barbie doll’, wasn’t perfect. She had a big nose and fat legs. Her classmates remind her of this, as does society. She was fine as herself, but others weren’t. They had to pressure into thinking she needs to change. She does. Now she has a cute little nose in exchange for her life. …show more content…

‘Warren pryor’ is aimed at parents. It shows that parents need to respect their child’s decisions and opinions. They should do what’s best for their child depending on what their passions are, not what will make the parents look good. ‘Barbie doll’ is directed at women and society. People don’t need to change for anyone but themselves, it’s their choice. Appearance shouldn’t be the most important aspect of life. It especially shouldn't take someone's

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