Essay On Teenagers And Social Media

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Social media has been a constant habit of teenagers, checking their phones in the morning and right before bed. As adolescents are on the media 24/7, teenagers are seen as being easily deceived online, which I believe is true. Therefore, these young people’s mental health is being damaged. For decades now, millions of teenagers are spending a lot more time on social media. Therefore, they’re more vulnerable to low self-esteem, mental illness and peer pressure. Social media can easily cause anxiety, sleep problems, depression, suicide risk and in particular body image within young people. Today, adolescents are using their appearance on social media as a way to express their social relationships. Teenagers believe that gathering followers …show more content…

Popular models such as Kendall Jenner and Alexis Ren is known for their ‘perfect’ bodies. They post daily of their ‘fitspo’ images, gaining millions of likes and compliments. These compliments about their appearance support the importance of body image in how you are judged as a person. These images, send a destructive message about their appearance as well. Ms Morgan stated that ‘appearance-based talk and body comparison can be unremitting, with little understanding of how detrimental it is for self-esteem and mental-health’. Although social media has its benefits for teenagers, such as increasing reading, writing skills, connecting with friends and news awareness. Adolescents should have breaks from social media regularly every now and then, to escape from the false lives people post online. Young people need to understand that not everything online is true, models and celebrities get paid to look a particular way in the media. Whilst offline, teenagers can learn to love themselves and feel happy about their body. And to appreciate the life they have instead of ignoring it before they’re been obsessed with social

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