Should Online Time Be Limited Essay

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Should Online Time be Limited for Teens? Teenagers are spending so many hours a week online, it is affecting us in multiple ways. It results in us getting less of things we need most. There can be deeper problems within us by using too much social media. Lastly we do not know how to manage our time we spent too much time on social media. One good thing about social media is That it strengthens our relationships. One reason why time should be limited for teenagers is that, in the article Internet addiction too much time online It says,"For youth on the high-end of the scale spending this much time with media online and offline rob them from real-world experiences and may result in lower grades increase the risk for depression cut…show more content…
Some teenagers use the Internet to avoid their problems.Once they do not have the Internet, something bad might happen to them. Since they are using it to hide and avoid the problems that is why there is a bad outcome once there is no Internet. There is also cyber bullying and misuse of Internet. These problems might even make problems worse. Might cause for those who do not have problems cause them to get a…show more content…
One reason why the Internet shouldn 't be Limited is because in the article 9 positive effects of social networking on teens it says," communicating online is simpler than communicating personally virtually chatting with an acquaintance allows teens to learn more about each other thus strengthening the trust between the two parties." This helps boost our self-confidence with other people. Our communication skills become better and it is easier for us to do. This also makes it easier to communicate with others that we do not usually communicate with. It is easier to do group projects if we are not able to meet up outside of school. Is also a good way to educate ourselves and to inform ourselves about things
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