Causes And Effects Of Social Media Addiction

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A. The spread of Information Technology has been rapid in recent years. The most dramatic change is Internet and social networking. An research at Chicago University in which they recorded the cravings of several hundred people concluded that social media addiction are stronger than addiction to cigarettes and booze . B. Today, we are more dependent on Internet especially social networking such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Social networking addiction are growing among teenagers. They are spending more time on social media rather than communicate with others in their daily life. If uncontrolled by parents, young peoples can get addicted to social network. C. Someone who stressed and depressed will easily cause social networking addiction, consequently it may leads to many problems which is wasting time and social isolation. II. BODY 1. One of the effects for social networking addiction is spending too much time to online. People will use a lot of time in social network such as they will always post status and photo in Facebook and instagram, stalking others people status and so on. 1. Spending too much of time to social networking will cause people especially students poor in academic. a. Students need a lot of time to do revision, do their assignments and have many tests. If not, they cannot complete task on time and they need burn the midnight oil to finish the task. b. Students will face stress because they cannot pass up their tasks on time.

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