Outliers Analysis

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Education is the backbone to society. A society that is uneducated cannot think rationally. The education of youth guarantees our future. It is the foundation and the building block which ensures each generation will succeed when they reach adulthood. Success as a student is influenced by both internal and external forces. Internal forces, such as mental and physical health, along with external forces such as the length of the school year and day, and parental involvement will have a major impact on a student’s success in education. Physical and emotional health play a key role in a student’s success in the classroom. Taking favorable care of your body can significantly impact one’s brain ability. The pressure of meeting the due date, the…show more content…
According to Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, it is important for parents to be continuously involved in their child’s academics. Not just in assistance with their studies, but also with transportation to and from school activities and constant communication on school activities. Gladwell went on to explain that there is a distinct difference between economic status of the family. He explains that parents in a lower economic status rely solely on the school for their children 's education. They do not agree that they have a responsibility to go over homework or assist their children at home. If their child does poorly in school they will blame the teacher for not doing their job. In contrast, parents apart of a higher social class tend to be more involved in their child’s school work resulting in high expectations of their children 's success in the classroom. Children become more self driven and motivated to complete their assignments and pass classes in hopes of not disappointing their parents. From my own experience, my parents have always been involved in my school activities. This not only has assisted me in the learning process, but also taught me assertiveness and confidence. Every friday I am obligated to, by Mrs. Rybak, email my parents a progress report of what I accomplished in school that week and every week either one or both of my parents respond. They…show more content…
Being successful in education is a result of controlled and uncontrolled factors such as practicing healthy habits, the length of the school day and year, and parental involvement. The American education system is constantly searching for ways to improve test scores and to ensure success in future generations. Research shows the importance of being physically and mentally healthy to excel in school. This can be done by sleeping eight to ten hours a night and exercising to reduce stress and increase confidence. Exercise and sleep are controlled by the individual and incumbent on the motivation of the student. We know that countries who extend their school year have more success with test scores. Adding quality education time to the American school year can have a positive effect on all students but specifically those who struggle academically. Lastly, the involvement of parents in the education of their children will not only have a positive influence on the students scores but also on their children 's self image and motivation. Education allows you to think for yourself and communicate with others. One must excel in education to be successful in their overall life. The time invested in our children by the American school systems and their parents will have long lasting effects on the future of our population and the world as a
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