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The Effects of Social Class on Children
Social class is an idea that affects every single person in the world, whether people want to believe it or not. Social class is loosely defined as “a division of a society based on social and economic status” ( Many people research social class among adults, but not many research social class among children (ages 20 and younger). So, how does the social class of a family affect the children in that family? Parents across the United States worry about their own social class, and how they stand in the world, but they rarely stop to think about how their social class could affect the future of their children.
In “ Barbie to Baby Einstein: Get Over it.” (Time 168.15 (2006): 86-86) found …show more content…

The research proves that a student's SAT score directly correlates with a student's family’s social class, and their score ultimately decides how much education they will be able to afford. Sacks comes to the conclusion that the system of higher education is unequal, and children that are born into lower class families will have a harder time completing college. Sacks research is similar to “Social class and College Readiness”, but instead of focusing on how prepared children are for college, he focuses on paying for college.
In “Social Class and College Readiness” (Academe 95.1 (2009): 8-9) found in ASC, the unnamed author writes a letter discussing the effect of social class on student preparation for college. The research showed that class-based approaches to child rearing "appear to lead to the transmission of differential advantages to children.” The author states social classes of families is linked to how young children think about their academic future, and to how prepared college students are for their first year of school. This research shows that social classes of families affects the mobility of children’s academic …show more content…

“Social Class and College Readiness” shows the correlation between different social classes and how it affects how prepared students are for college. After the research was completed the unnamed authors came to the conclusion that if parents raise their children according to the “norms” of their social class, then it can have a direct link with how children think about their educational future. In “Educating the Hierarchs” Sacks has a similar approach to the research question, and shows how a family’s social class correlates with a student’s SAT scores, and these scores directly correlate with the level of education the students will receive. These authors show that a child’s social class will impact their standardized test scores, and their thoughts about their academic

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