Social Class School Anyon Summary

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Anyon article discussed students of different social class background is exposed to different types of educational knowledge. Anyon used four distinctive schools; working class, middle class, affluent and executive, located in New Jersey. The education the students received reflected the social class level. In the working class school, the principle had did not know the history of the school building. The teachers did not motive or believe in their student’s success. The school knowledge was based on facts and simple skills. Students was just given information without explanation or failed to make their own choices. The common theme was active and passive behaviors amongst students. The middle class school, the ethnic background and school…show more content…
In the working class schools, the student’s attitudes reflected what the teachers felt about their job. The teachers lacked passion for their job and did not want to be there anymore than the students. The principal not knowing the history of the school plays a role on why the school was poorly maintained. The middle class school had more parents involved than working class school. This can be the result of the parents socioeconomic status since middle class parents have better paying jobs allowing them more participation in their child’s school. I was amazed to read that in the affluent school, some of the children mention they will rather not be rich. Rich meant that they could not work and they will rather work since they liked working. In the executive school, I was bothered by the comment that a teacher stated. A teacher associated low-income children with discipline problems. I think that teacher generalized an observation he or she saw with one or two low-income student. As a future counselor, a statement in such matter showed that this person should not be a teacher. That teacher prefers to not integrate his or her school. Looking at this article through a counselor lens, I believe it is our duties to advocate for all students no matter their SES or ethnic background. There is clearly more work in advocating for students in working class school, but there are students that still needs our help in the upper class school. A…show more content…
Originally, schools sort the individuals to meet the needs of the labor market, improve skills of individuals which made them more productive on the job resulting in an increase if economic growth and help supplied the demands of the workforce and needs of students. As the years passed, there is a push for academic and vocational school. The vocational school allows students to learn a trade or skill that prepares them for the workforce. Vocational education was advocated as an important answer to economic problems facing the U.S. A vocational guidance counselor has to understand needs of the job market and requirements. The question of whether school was for the public benefit or corporate greed. The article continued to mention that schools are a form of social control. Schools give children a place to be and are thought how to
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