Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of The Internet

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You think you know, but you don´t. Internet can be a very good thing. But it can also be the most dangerous thing you´ll ever use. Do you really know who the person you´re talking to, is the one he says he is? How do you know you not being fouled by a man in India, trying to steal your credit card information? I´m going to write about some topics you might have to be extra bevare of when it comes to the internet. People lie There are many stories about people who meet others at the internet. And sometimes the people are honest about who they are. But unfortunate in the most cases, people lie. I don´t say that you can´t trust anybody you meet, i just think you should know that you have to be critical to whom you trust your soul to. It could be that you meet a really cute boy or girl on social media. You start talking and everything is great. You 're going on for weeks, and you decide to meet the person who writes to you. And when you come to the meeting place, there is noe cute boy. It´s just a sixty year old man, waiting for you. These things happen, often. And i think if you are aware of the danger, you might …show more content…

An article published by BBC News UK states that almost one out of five children have at some point experienced to be bullied online. These dangers are only som of many dangers youths may have to deal with in the world because of the technology. Despite of the dangers to brows the internet, the web can also be a great source for information and pleasure, but it is important to know the risks as well. Just because there are some dangerous things about the web. It dont mean you should stop using it. The web can be at good thing if you just use it for the right reasons. But the one thing i´m asking you to do, is to be careful and take care of each other on the internet. But also, have fun. (Modern digital technology is a blessing and the only way forward) Task

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