Should Children Be Allowed To Use Social Media Essay

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Should kids be allowed to use social media ? Could young children be able to manage social media ? I disagree with this . I think that children 13 and under shouldn 't be using social media until they are mature enough . Social media like Instagram , Snapchat , Facebook , WhatsApp , and Messenger can cause children to have health issues , waste their time , and it can be dangerous. Social media can affect your health.Your eyes can get damaged by the light being faced to your eyes all the time by your device.All the social media can make you sit down facing your gadget all the time that you’ll never exercise , but gain so much weight that it can be unhealthy for your health.Your muscle can be affected as well, because they would keep interacting too much with their gadgets for a long amount of time. Social media can be time wasting too! The reason for this is because the social media can distract young children from doing their work and their education.This may also distract you from spending time with family and friends.Social media can make you skip your household chores, which is a daily routine.Those are how i think social media can be time wasting. Social media is dangerous for young children.They aren’t mature enough to realize …show more content…

Immature kids can be harassed by the online stranger and it can be dangerous because they never know when they can be found by the stranger. Strangers can say things that aren 't true and kids might believe it . Kids can get into accidents when they are on social media like crashing or even injuries when they are too distracted on social

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