The Pros And Cons Of Technology And Social Media

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Children today use more technological devices and are active on social media platforms compared to children in the 1990’s. Technology plays a huge role when it comes to our daily lives. As technology continues to advance more people are becoming active on social media apps and websites. Texting and social media applications have many advancements and conveniences like easy access to information, entertainment and communicating with others. However, it also has consequences, especially for adolescents. Smart phones and tablets easily keep children occupied, yet there are many disadvantages when using technology at a young age. Technology affects everyone, but the obsessive social media consumption from adolescents is affecting their overall …show more content…

One of the biggest issues of online communication is cyber bullying. It is defined as, ‘‘the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others” (Baas, de Jong, and Drossaert, 1). There is so much anonymity online which makes it difficult for cyberbullying to stop. From personal experience, I have been cyberbullied on social media websites like Youtube. People commented hurtful things on my videos, I was fifteen at the time, so I did not tell my parents. I would delete the mean comments and get on with my day, however ignoring the online bullies and not letting a parent know has resulted in huge problems for adolescents. Bullying does not stop on its own, it only gets worse if the victim does not speak out. According to the article Cyberbullying a modern form of bullying: let's talk about this health and social problem, “Cyberbullying victims may underreport, too, for fear their parents will restrict their time on the Internet/cell phones or discover information that the adolescents themselves have posted on the web, for fear of punishment by the bully […]” (Corsello, Ferrara, Ianniello, and Villani, 1). The issue of the victim not speaking out was addressed in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. This show illustrates the harsh realities of …show more content…

As previously stated, social media helps kids stay connected with friends and family from different parts of the world because “Online communication is particularly cost-effective and easy to use, allowing adolescents the opportunity to initiate, build, and maintain relationships with family, peers, and even strangers across varying distances” (Anthony, LeCory, and Williams, 494). Even though online communication is keeping people connected, the use of technology at a young age has an impact on adolescents’ personal development. The friendships, children have on social media might not be as meaningful as they seem. The article, Trends in Adolescent Development Impacting Practice: How Can We Catch Up, states that “[…], youth are unlikely to virtually “disconnect” from their peers when they are alone, instead choosing relief from momentary feelings of loneliness or unhappiness over a period of renewal and self-reflection” (Anthony, LeCory, and Williams, 493), this indicates that adolescents do not know how to deal with their emotions. Going online might help the individual temporarily, but if they see or read something that triggers a certain feeling it can make them feel

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