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This is the first century and technology has never been better. It has become so advanced that it has opened up opportunities for jobs, learning, and bullying. It is now easier than ever to bully someone all hours of the day, and to make the bullying follow them wherever they go. Cyberbullying never used to be much of a problem, in fact it didn’t use to exist. But now with all the new technology, and all the freedom online cyber bullying happens everyday. Online it is so easy to bully someone without getting into trouble for doing it, this is why more bullying happens online than in person. This issue affects everyone being bullied, and it can happen to anyone. Cyberbullying is a big problem and needs to be solved, online speech should be limited because cyberbullying happens to so many people, it could help stop harassment, and it could help more people get involved. Cyberbullying happens more than we recognize. 25% of people say they have been cyberbullied within their lifetimes (Doc A). If online speech became more limited than that 25% could be brought down to 0%. Cyber Bullying doesn’t only happen to students, it also happen to teachers, and it has had a very negative …show more content…

A girl in Musselman high school created a Myspace page dedicated to making fun of a fellow student’s sexuality (Doc C). This is a good example of why teenagers should not be trusted to say whatever they want on the internet, if there were more restrictions than that page would have never been created. Another part in preventing cyber bullying is getting the schools staff to recognize it. It is up to the staff to recognize that harassment (Doc F). Schools need to have a concern for the students well being ( Doc F). Teachers should care enough, and be allowed to, check students online profiles to make sure no one is being bullied. The more that is put into stopping cyber bullying the less it will

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