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Annotated Bibliography Brody, N., & Vangelisti, A. L. (2017). Cyberbullying: Topics strategies, and sex differences. Computers in Human Behaviors, 75, 739-748. Doi:10.1016/j.chb.2017.06.020 There are multiple strategies to cyberbullying, the most common strategies include public and private comments, photographs, and status updates. Cyberbullies use these strategies to make someone feel less than what they are. The most frequently noted topics of cyberbullying is romantic relationships, friendships, sexual activity, and personal appearance. Every child has their own demons and weaknesses and when one of their “topics” are targeted on an online setting it makes it nearly impossible to escape. Bully’s target kids that can’t fend for themselves…show more content…
This study is to show if values have an effect on cyberbullying, if values have an effect on hopelessness and lastly is hopelessness has an effect on cyberbullying. This is a good source for the topic of cyberbullying and its long-term effects on children because they survey a wide variety of high school teenagers. This is a great source because of the variety of teenage kids they surveyed. However, this study would have been easier to comprehend if they used one scale to measure the data collected. For intense, they used a different scale to measure human value, cyberbullying, and helplessness. Reed, K. P., Cooper, R. L., Nugent, W. R., & Russell, K. (2015). Cyberbullying: A literature review of its relationship to adolescent depression and current intervention strategies. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 26(1), 37-45. doi:10.1080/10911359.2015.1059165 The focus of this study is to provide insight on the best way to intervene when an adolescent is experiencing depression due to cyberbullying. Intervention techniques include antibullying assembles, teachers reporting incidence to the administration, and the Equal Circle Approach. This was an interesting source to read because it is a literature…show more content…
This study proved that given the amount of time that adolescents are on computers unsupervised whether it be at home or in public libraries those who cyberbully are most often the ones that were prior victims to cyberbullying themselves. This study would benefit in research for “affects cyberbullying has on adolescents because it gives reasons to why cyberbullying bully in the first place. Although with was full of useful information it would have been more beneficial to monitor social media sites that the kids were using verses how long the kids were on the internet. In doing so, it would have supported their theory of cyberbullies being vicitam of bullying as

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