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Loo Huan Ting ID #: 02359329 CMST 180 Tuesday & Thursday 2:20 11/13/14 Annotated Bibliography The invention of the Internet has created a new space for bullying. McClatchy, Komolafe Kaz. “States seek ways to fight newest form of bullying” St. Paul Pioneer Press. 25 August 2012: Pg. 1. LexisNexis. Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA. 9 Nov. 2014. McClatchy writes for a national newspaper in Minnesota and is currently drawing attention to cyber bullying. She explores new methods to combat this new type of bullying, which is derived from the internet. This article provides examples on several solutions that have been employed by different states to resolve the issue. Many state governments have come up with new laws requiring schools to construct policies to counter cyber bullying. The article also quotes a professor from John Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public health; he states that the increased usage and reliance on the Internet and smartphones will have a big impact towards cyber bullying. Several state lawmakers are aware of the problem and have begun creating new bills in an attempt to stem the proliferation, but may face some limitations in the process. Hellmich, Nanci. “Latest Cyberbullying tragedy could be a teachable moment; Florida girl’s death is a wake-up call for parents to monitor Internet use” USA Today. 17 October 2013: Pg. 2D. LexisNexis. Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA. 9 Nov. 2014. Hellmich stresses that cyber

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