Argumentative Essay On Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying refers to the use of mobile phones, chat rooms, or social networking sites, like Twitter or Facebook, to threaten, intimidate, or hurt someone. Despite technology having numerous benefits for people, it also has a bad side that involves being used by young people or adults to cause harm. The growing problem of cyber bullying has not yet been addressed effectively and continues to cause a lot of harm for many people both young and old. The paper is an argumentative analysis of the threatening widespread issue and a counterargument for the same. Cyber bullying to date remains to be a threatening issue in many areas of the world. The various ways of cyber bullying include sending threatening emails, texting insulting messages to different individuals, and many other things. It can also be carried out in chat rooms with the members of the chat dissing a fellow target or constantly excluding someone. Some of the negative outcomes of the behavior have been identified as increased loneliness and anti-social behavior among teenagers. Another very dangerous consequence has been the rising rate of child pornography. The challenges of cyber bullying according to research have been proven to be more dangerous than even face-to-face bullying that is also very common in modern world. Verbal and psychological bullying has shown to have a more negative impact on a person than physical bullying. According to an article on “Cyber Bullying among Students Is a

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