Cyber Bullying Is A Dangerous Epidemic

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Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying refers to the use of mobile phones, chat rooms, or social networking sites, like Twitter or Facebook, to threaten, intimidate, or hurt someone. Despite technology having numerous benefits for people, it also has a bad side that involves being used by young people or adults to cause harm. The growing problem of cyber bullying has not yet been addressed effectively and continues to cause a lot of harm for many people both young and old. The paper is an argumentative analysis of the threatening widespread issue and a counterargument for the same. Cyber bullying to date remains to be a threatening issue in many areas of the world. The various ways of cyber bullying include sending threatening emails, texting insulting …show more content…

The study that was carried out by a sample group comprised middle students revealed findings that learners are highly the ones involved in cyber bullying (Çetin et al.,2012). Many characteristics emerged regarding the risk factors and frequency of the students being involved in cyber bullying. Unlike in the physical bullying where the victims of such actions represented a small and vulnerable group of children, the current research showed that the victims of the cyber bullying comprise a larger group. Risk factors were also established among three categories of children depending on a number of hours they spent on a computer. As much as technology has been efficient in global operations today, a limitation should be considered when it comes to teenagers and young people. Prevention and intervention measures should be implemented to curb the threatening issue of cyber …show more content…

According to the authors, the duration of internet use and psychiatric symptoms have been directly related. People found to be spending more time on the internet have been associated with issues like depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsion. The internet has also provided an opportunity for some youth to carry out criminal behavior like cyber hacking where a person uses the availability of the internet to compromise other users of the web. Another problem has been cyber stalking where a person is constantly being monitored through the internet by tapping into an individual’s information without their authorization (Pessoa et al., 2011). The author also states that some people are at risk of developing “pathological technology use” that refers to, “the obsessive and addictive behaviors in response to technological media, such as the Internet or gaming that resemble behaviors characteristic of addictions to alcohol or drugs.” These are some of the characteristics that help explain why cyber bullying is a threatening issue in the

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