Social Media Satire

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Social Media Writing school papers is hard. Especially English papers. I get very distracted when I 'm doing something like an essay on social media. One thing I’m sure I 'm not the only one doing: just quickly checking Facebook, or Instagram. Then thirty minutes later I’m like, “Oh shoot!! I’m so stupid.” Paper ends up turned in late. That’s not the only time I get distracted though. When I’m spending time with my extended family, I tend to be on my phone a little more than usual. This is the norm for a lot of teens. Sometimes you’ll get scolded by your grandma or someone. “Back in my day…” is something that my generation hears a lot. You know, “Back in my day… we didn’t have all those fancy gadgets. We had to write letters.” Sound familiar? Technology has become a part of most people 's daily lives. Most people have a computer right in their pockets. Smartphones are an outlet to social media. Social media is plaguing our nation. Social media is a bad thing because it distracts kids and adults from their obligations such as school and work, it has become an outlet for bullying, and it has caused people to …show more content…

Social media is now a major outlet for bullying. Bullying has always been a problem, but not until the twenty-first century has it been on something that isn’t reality: the internet. Bullies can do things online like name calling, gossiping, or posting embarrassing or personal pictures. This is easier for bullies because it is behind a screen, they don’t have to see what harm they are causing by bullying online. It is the main form of bullying in 2016. Often, you can’t see this form of bullying as a bystander, because it is only between a small group of people. You are oblivious to what people are going through due to online bullying. But before social media people fought face to face with their words or their fists. Online bullying is worse because it is something you can’t escape. Social media is stupid. Just delete it off your phone and no one will get

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