Bullying And Cyberbullying

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Bullying is commonly characterized as being an aggressive behavior that is carried out by two or more people to an individual. However, through the years and with the expanding growth of technology, the concept of bullying has extended into the technological dimensions and is now labelled as cyberbullying. The definition of cyberbullying is similar to bullying in the sense that it is an aggressive behavior carried out by a group of people with the intention of harming another individual through electronic gadgets such as emails, mobile phones, social media websites as well as chat rooms and instant messaging. The difference between traditional bullying and cyberbullying is that, cyberbullying does not require a face-to-face interaction. According to Willard (2004a), cyberbullying can be outlined in seven different forms. The seven categories of cyberbullying are as the following list, flaming which involves the electronic transmission of sending angry, rude or vulgar messages which is directed at a specific person privately or to an online group chat, online harassment which is the repeated sending of offensive messages to an individual, cyberstalking is characterized by the harassment that entails threat of harm or intimidation to a person, denigration is sending or posting cruel, and possibly untrue information about a person to other people, masquerading is pretending to be someone else and sharing information to damage an individual’s reputation, outing and trickery is
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