Cyberbullying Informative Speech

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It might be a small thing but it can destroy someone’s life. Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about cyberbullying. Statistics shows that over 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly, making it the most popular form of technology and a common medium of cyberbullying. Statistics also shows that both boys and girls are likely to be cyberbullies or the victims and it affects all races. Today I’m going to talk about three aspects of cyberbullying. First, I’ll explain the causes of cyberbullying. Second, I’ll tell you the effects of cyberbullying and the third is I’ll explain to you ways to prevent cyberbullying. The first causes of cyberbullying is spending too much time on online social networks. According to GuardChild, statistics …show more content…

Some victims might take it as a challenge for them and became stronger each time. But for those who cannot handle the situation, it might affect them physically and mentally. According to Veasley (2011), the effects of cyberbullying are it can caused the victims to have low self-esteem, it caused the victims to commit suicide and it also can caused major depression. The first effect is cyberbullying can caused the victims to have low self-esteem. For example, the victims was embarrassed or ashamed of what the cyberbullies did to him or her. Maybe they exposed something that should not be shared about the victims. When rumours go online, it will spread quickly and everyone will knows about it. The victims refuse to go to school or college because they were worried that their friends will mocked them. Next, cyberbullying can drive the victims to commit suicide due to embarrassment. When the victims’ mental was badly tortured, they no longer can handle the stress and decided to end it. The victims also tend to experience major depression due to cyberbullying. Major depression can lead to many other chronic diseases which also can lead to death. When people are depressed, most of them cope their depression with food. They tend to eat less food or to eat more food than the usual. This will lead to nutrient deficiency and obesity. People who are depressed due to cyberbully cannot think …show more content…

If you or others are being cyberbullied, do not hesitate to report immediately to your parents or teacher. If you just ignored the cyberbully occurred, it will never solve the problem. Let say if you are scared or cannot stop it, support the person who being bullied by giving him or her some supportive words and moral advices. At very least, you can help by not joining the cyberbullying occurred and give support to the person doing the bullying. Do not forget to save the evidences just in case things escalate. Secondly, minimise your time spent online. Tried to spend your time doing something beneficial such as hanging out with friends, doing sport, and spend your time with your family. This kind of behaviour will actually give you few positive impacts. For instance, your bond with your family become stronger, you will have a healthy lifestyle and you will get to know your friends better. People who spent most of their time online tend to have an anti-social lifestyle. There is a saying “Internet can make you closer to the people who are far away from you but distance the people around you”. In addition, you can also tell the person who bullied you or others to stop. You may not have courage to do so, so asked your parents advices and practice with them. Show the person who bullied you that you cannot stand that kind of treatment and you will not hesitate to take law action

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