Dbq Essay On Cyber Bullying

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Cyberbullying is becoming more typical, especially among teenagers, and this has raised questions about how to prevent bullying from occurring. The schools want to maintain a safe environment for learning, one of the questions being asked is “Should schools be allowed to limit students’ online speech?.” This is the wrong way to pursue the bullying crisis*. Limiting online speech violates our* constitutional rights, students are not the only ones being bullied/ being the bullies, and this is just a method of communication. Limiting online speech could take away what little voice teenagers have, your words are powerful. It is important to have an outlet to express yourself. When someone is getting bullied in person, you punish them, but not by taking away their right to speak, why would it be any different? Taking away this right is troubling and raises questions about what else could be limited or taken away even if it goes against a constitutional right. The first amendment protects freedom of speech, through Tinker v Des Moines we found out that freedom of speech does not end at school so why would it after. With all the flaws, the internet has many benefits it can widespread important topics who is to say what would be limited especially if it goes against the school's agenda Everyone should have the freedom to speak, what they do with those words is their choice, and they should reap the consequence but …show more content…

This threatens the school’s safety since this is creating a hostile environment. Will the schools also be limiting teachers' rights? If not, that would be ageist and or classist, as the same act is being committed the only difference is the stature and age. This would be discriminatory and create more harm than good especially when the internet is simply another way to

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