The First Amendment Of Cyberbullying And The First Amendment

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Cyberbullying and the First Amendment Matthew Trotti Grand Canyon University: POS 500 2/23/16 Cyberbullying and the First Amendment In todays world and the 21st century technology is everywhere and access to that technology is at everyone’s fingertips. Due to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter things like cyberbullying have become a new way of bullying. The definition of cyberbullying is “bullying that takes place using electronic technology” (What is Cyberbullying). This paper will talk about the topic of cyberbullying and the steps that I am required to take if I hear from a student that they are being bullied on Facebook. This paper will also talk about any First Amendment arguments that the student with the Facebook page might raise and my responses. Cyberbullying and the steps I am required to take Cyberbullying is a big issue in todays age with all the access to technology. Almost everyone you see adults and students have some type of social media page on either Facebook or Twitter or even both. If a student notifies me that they are being bullied via another students Facebook page there is not much that my state requires me to do as a teacher, but the state does say “students and staff are required to report to designated staff any incidents of cyberbullying about which they are aware” (Cyberbullying and School Policy, 2008, August). In Virginia they don’t really give us much other than what they recommend that school boards put in their own

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