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Should Schools Monitor Students Social Media!?!?

Have you ever showed up at school and had a friend or classmate tell you about a rumor directed towards you? I think schools should monitor students social media posts but, only if there seems to be problems occurring and disrupting the class. Cyberbullying can lead to low self esteem and depression, causing worse things. Document E, document B and, document D all agree with limiting/monitoring students online speech. But, in order for schools to be able to do anything about the bullying they may need evidence in order to make a change or get the bullier in trouble.
One reason why schools should monitor student’s social media posts is in Doc. E. Document E is a cyberbullying cartoon. In this cartoon there is a teacher and a principal, the teacher is in the principal 's office stating that somebody is cyber bullying him. The principal, looking annoyed, says “Tell me teacher, what did they steal this time… credit cards… bank accounts… Social Security numbers?...” Then the teacher claims they stole his Privacy and Dignity. This is an example of how cyberbullying can lower self esteem and make their privacy feel invaded.
My second reason is in Document B. This document is a survey of british teachers who have been cyberbullied. The people who made this document asked some questions to british …show more content…

It is a case when a student made a hate profile on myspace about a middle school principal, James McGonigle. This document has four paragraphs explaining what happened to the principle, on this myspace profile, there was a photo of the principal along with offensive and vulgar language. On March 20, the principle was confronted by two teachers who said that some students were discussing the myspace profile in class. They said that the teacher and principal violated the student 's First Amendment free speech rights when he suspended

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