Is Social Media Is Dangerous For Kids?

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Some people say that social media is dangerous for kids because it changes their behaviors and more importantly it affects their learning for school. It is dangerous because, they never know who they are chatting with online. Social media changes children 's behaviors because they do unhealthy things that are intended for people over 18 years of age. It also affects their education in a bad way by using abbreviations or slang that threatens their skills in writing. However, others say that social media is beneficial for kids because researchers see them expressing themselves on it. There may be some reasons why social media is good for kids, but all and all social media is dangerous to the well-being and education of minors. To start with, social media is dangerous to kids that are online because people can be anonymous, predators, and/or cyberbullies. For example, Hinduja, a professor of criminal justice, at Florida Atlantic University says that about 20% of youth have been either victims or perpetrators of cyberbullying. Also, masking one 's identity on the internet make someone more likely to be a cyberbully (SIRS 1). Masking one’s identity can be a serious problem. Being anonymous can make someone a cyber bully and bullying kids online can lead to depression. “Cyber-bullying and posting inappropriate comments or content are just a few instances Belechak has seen of the 'ugly side ' of social media and how it 's affecting teens in school,” (Tate 6). Children are the

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