Article Summary: Is Social Media Good For America?

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Do you think social media is good for America? Well I don’t think it’s good for our society because if you u take a look at the article ‘’Are Social Networks Messing with Your Head’’ made by David DiSalvo and in his article he talks about people in America is getting too addicted to social media. In the year of 2009 Nielson Online reported that 70 million Facebook members in the US spent 233 million hours on the app in 2009. That was 6 years ago can u picture the number now that we have more technology like cell phones that can now give off out location and etc. That’s why social media is bad for our society if u can just think about it kids, teens, and adults all post things like their pictures their location and sometimes where they live on social media. So if and criminal or and sexual predictor gets your information and try to kill you or rob you it will be all your fought because you gave up your information but if you not on social media sites you will be safe…show more content…
Teens use social media apps like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, kik, and snapchat just to show off to their friends and what I don’t understand is why you would use social media to show off when you can do other things to show off like get good grades on your test, quiz’s, report cards, and progress reports.

By using social media teens are becoming depressed and angry and even commenting suicide all because of cyber bullies on internet and social media sites like Facebook, kik, snapchat, Instagram, Myspace, and twitter. Also its not only teens that’s get cyber bullied some celebrities get cyber bullied to like Tamera Mowry-Housley when she tweeted about her political view she got attacked by all of her followers. Mostly it’s the teens that are getting bullied not that many people or celebrities are getting bully . Bullying takes place everyday some where in the Us mostly in school
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