The Dangers Of Social Media

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There are hundreds of Social Media websites in the internet that can cause harm mentally to people. Some teens have no clue about how dangerous social media could be. If you use social media in excess it can be very dangerous for teens. There 's three main topics that stood out to me in my research. First, Cyber bullying, people that bully others in social media and hide behind a screen. Second, Social Isolation, having a big list of friends in social medias, but in real life you have no friends. And finally, Social Media is dumbing down our society, because people don 't develop their interpersonal skills with each other. Cyber bullying has become a deadly epidemic in our society. Society has become too attached to social networks. The Cyber bully victims are too addicted to social media that they cannot detach themselves off of social media. Social network are a platform for bullies to prolong and continue their bullying from school to the victim 's house. Giving the victim no rest from bullying. Additionally, the victim that gets bullied online and at school have no escape from all the hate they regularly get in their day to day life. Cyber bullies like to use social media, because there are no consequences for their hateful comments they make to their victim. Making the victims to become isolated and depressed. Cyber bullies mentally abuse their victims until the victim cannot take it anymore and commits suicide. Social media brings the dark side out of people, because

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