The Negative Influence Of Social Media On Children

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When children use social media it causes controversy. Parents have mixed feelings on letting their children have social media accounts because it could either be used correctly or not. Children should not be allowed to have Social media accounts because social media has very mature content and it only persuades children to think wrong things are right and young children under 13 are not ready to see that. There are many different reasons why children should not have social media, for example Cyber bulling. Cyber bulling is a major problem with kids because they take everything so personal. Many people do cyber bulling because they find it easier to post hate comments on social media rather than keeping it to their selves, the ones that …show more content…

Instead of wanting to open a new social media account children should do their homework, spend time with family, or go do outdoor activities with friends. If children have social media accounts they will “spend hours browsing and surfing the web”, they will only want to be using it all the time and they will leave all the priorities last (Keim). Now in this generation “our social interaction face to face is decreasing” because we now have advanced accounts that keeps us away from real life activities, and children are influenced by it (Smarty). Children’s time will be wasted in social media because it is not doing any good to them. That time that was wasted on social media could have been used for something way more productive out of the internet. Opponents say that “social media educates children”, but in reality children do not need social media to be educated, there are many more sources to get an education like books, parents, teachers and many more sources to learn, the only thing social media will do to their brains is teach them wrong things (Hoal). The only solution to prevent children to not suffer from any hate and to not let them be brainwashed is that parents should not let their children have social media accounts until they are thirteen years of age or older. Many social medias say that in order to open an account they must agree that they are older than thirteen but still many don’t pay attention to the policies and open one anyways. If children already do have social media the parents should keep an eye one them and put restrictions on the phone or block any sites so they won’t be able to see certain things. Parents should also make sure they have “full access to their child’s account by learning his username and password”, having control of what your child sees would help because you could prevent bulling or prevent them from watching things that they shouldn’t,

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