Impact Of March One Essay

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The Impact Of March One “March: Book One” is a graphic novel that illustrates the transition of John Lewis life and the civil rights movement. The events that took place in March One are very indelible and ascending to informing readers on the truth behind the civil rights movement. The novel tell how the civil rights movement progressed as more blacks protest and spoke out about racism and John Lewis was one of them. John Lewis started as a small boy who preached to his chickens in the barn and then transformed into a leader of the civil rights movement. John Lewis and the civil rights movement transition relates to me personally, has influenced me and shaped my perspective on my culture. The events that took place in March One are very …show more content…

In the story when John was a boy he preached to chickens and imagine as if they were his audience in an actual sermon. At the age of 16 John did his first sermon. John practice speeches with the chickens gave him the strength to actually preach to people. He gained a voice and it gave him leadership skills which he showed in the civil rights movement by leading the people to join the movement and stand up for what’s right. John leadership skills continue to grow as he got people to join the Nashville Student Movement. The experience of the Nashville Student Movement taught John not to react in a violent way or respond when experiencing racism and dehumanization. The movement consisted of a workshop where student’s antagonized one another, calling each other names, and pushing one another. It was difficult not to respond or react in a certain way but John gained perseverance by not reacting negatively. My experiences that help me develop growth differed from John’s but we gained some of the same skills. The strategies the students used in the Nashville Movement weren’t steps that I took I reacted violent whenever I was teased or bullied about something. If I felt dehumanized or disrespected I …show more content…

Today social media is a problem to society. Social media consist of cyber bullying, violence, sexual content, and these are things that have a big impact on the behavior of our youth. As I scroll down my timeline on Facebook I see people uploading videos smoking, drinking, having sex, and bullying others. Social media is full of negativity and it’s the attraction of the youth. Kids look up to the ideal people on social media even if their doing negative things. Eventually kid’s think what everyone else is doing on social is cool and follow in society footsteps. Because of social media we have a generation full of misguided individuals. I would like to take a stand on this matter and protest about certain things being banned off social media just as John Lewis took a stand in the civil rights movement. Racist was a problem in the civil rights movement era, hence, the reason why they protested. Using my knowledge I learned from the civil rights movements I could take the same steps while addressing this modern day issue. In March One Blacks participated in multiple sit in’s refusing to leave restaurants until they were served. They were patient and they continued to sit in restaurants until they received results. On May 10th, 1960 after a long process 6 downtown stores served blacks. With courage to continue to fight for rights, the patience, and

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