John Lewis Turning Points Analysis

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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi. Through the course of his life, John Lewis experienced some key turning points that shaped him into becoming the determined and brave leader he was. Lewis was not alone during these major events as several people, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Jim Lawson, helped him during these times and expanded his knowledge. The trilogy March demonstrates some of these turning points in books one and two, those being his first bible, spiritual journey, the non-violent workshops, and arrests. John Lewis’ passion for preaching began at the age of four when his uncle gave him his first bible, which would have an enormous impact in his life. This bible would start his journey as being a preacher. Lewis grew up on his family’s chicken farm and he had a lot of time to read the bible to his chickens, although they …show more content…

Throughout his journey, Lewis related with other preachers, specifically, to Martin Luther King Jr. Although in the beginning, Lewis did not personally know King, his speeches were very touching and heartfelt to him. John Lewis describes a connection he had with King, as a preacher. One Sunday morning Lewis heard one of King’s sermons for the first time. That night Lewis was thinking, “Dr. King’s message hit me like a bolt of lightning —and I felt like he was preaching directly to me” (Lewis and Aydin 56 book 1). John Lewis felt inspired after hearing King talk and he decided to act in helping others. Lewis knew he wanted to manage situations in a peaceful manner., “… To a sense of values that would dominate my moral philosophy. Said Lewis, the way of peace, the way of Love. The way of nonviolence.” (Lewis and Aydin 73 book 1). Lewis took his spiritual values and helped his community by preaching the way King did and standing up for equal rights. This was the moment he would learn about nonviolent

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