Informative Essay On Martin Luther King Jr.

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“ I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear” - Martin Luther King Jr. (Garland). We all know and learn about the famous Dr. King and what he did, but do we actually follow up his role in our own lives? Martin Luther King Jr. is famous for his non-violent protests and teachings inspired by Ghandi. We should not just take Dr. King’s work for granted, but rather be grateful that he did what he did. I know that I personally am very thankful for him because I have many friends who are colored and would be treated differently today if he didn’t step into action. Without him, our world would be a very different place. Martin Luther King showed us that violence is not the answer. The truth is, he is exactly right. We need to be more like Dr. King and live out his dream in our own lives by fighting hate with love, inspiring others to do good, and being good leaders. …show more content…

is today thought of the leader of the fight for civil rights. Which is very true, considering schools teach about him every year when it comes to the Civil War. Dr. King pushed America to go after the promise that everybody could be treated fairly. (NAACP). People everywhere in our country look up to this man and see greatness, and that is because he did what nobody else did. He inspires many because when they think of him, they get reminded that fighting hate with hate doesn’t work. His inspiring and most popular speech, “I Have A Dream” focuses on how he hopes that one day, all negro’s can be equal to whites and be friends. The people of our country know that if we do as he did, our world can be a better place. Some people have realized that the only way is to forgive your enemies, but sadly most have not. That is why we the people need to keep looking up to him no matter what, because it’s never too

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