How Did Martin Luther King Jr Impact On Society

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Martin Luther King Jr. had a big impact on us during the 1950s and 1960s. He spoke out against racial discrimination and delivered the “I Have a Dream…” speech to end, or at least try, to put a stop to segregation. Though he never got to fulfill his “dream” of seeing our nation become free of racism (because he was shot on April 4, 1968), he does still have an impact on us today. Here’s why. Civil rights have impacted our nation in a tremendous way. To me civil rights matter. Without civil rights, we would be living in a nation full of poverty. We would also be living in a dark world of racial discrimination. As you may know, the years of poverty ended by the civil rights act. The civil rights act was an act that outlawed discrimination of any sorts. This included things like the discrimination of gender, race, color, or national origin. If we didn’t have civil rights, our nation could be a much darker place than it is right now. There would be people of color who were enslaved and didn’t have voting rights or the right to have a job or the right to own any land or money. It would be very different to live in such a …show more content…

Martin Luther King Jr. helped us realize that segregation and poverty are wrong. He also helped us realize that we should treat people the same. No matter race, color, or gender. He has impacted our everyday lives with the Civil Rights Act and his “I Have a Dream…” speech. He is an important man with an important history. That is why we celebrate him. Not because he died at a young age. Not because it’s his birthday and everyone likes birthdays. But because he actually changed our nations way of thinking. He was strong-willed and he knew he had the power to jump, so he did. That is why he is an important figure in history. He ended racial discrimination. He ended poverty. He ended segregation. Whatever you call it, it’s bad. And Martin Luther King Jr. was a teacher to this nation. A teacher who taught the nation right from

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