Martin Luther King's Impact On American Society

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Did Martin Luther King impact the American society? In the now days, all creatures have their rights even animals. Black Americans during 20th century did not have any of their rights. But Martin Luther King fought to regain everyone stolen rights. His task was not easy, but he did all his best to stop the racism in the American society. So who Martin Luther King was, and what he did to serve on issue of racial discrimination between black and white Americans? To answer these two general questions shortly, Martin Luther King was a black American, he was one of the most significant honest voices of civil needs movement, and hero of equal rights. Because he chose to end the racialism with principle of nonviolence or peaceful resistance, according to his said "We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools". My research will answer these two questions: a) How he impacted the American society? b) Did he succeed in that? In my opinion, he had a powerful effect on the Americans during these three parts, through his life, after his death, and these days. Firstly, through his life, King started his revolution when he moved to Montgomery. He made a bus boycott when a black woman was arrested, because she refused to give her seat to a white passenger. If King words ' were not influencing on Americans, the boycott were not continued for all year around and it will be just for few days or months. This was what made the bus companies changed

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