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MLK Changes the World "The time is always right to do what's right" Martin Luther King Jr followed this advice as he was fighting for equal rights for African Americans around the world. Martin Luther King Jr positively benefitted modern society by writing a speech and changing the viewpoint on how people think about African American and using nonviolent disobedience to change his rights. Martin Luther King Jr has significantly benefitted modern society by changing the viewpoints on African Americans make them more equal to whites. In the month of April 1963 Martin Luther King Jr was arrested for conducting a civil rights march. The civil rights movement has been formed to ensure the rights of all people were equally protected by the law(Jakoubek …show more content…

On August 28 tons of people gathered to support Martin Luther King Jrs civil rights movement(Jajoubek 82). The civil rights movement was to help African American equal rights just like everyone else. It was in a nonviolent way so it did not hurt anybody all African Americans wanted was a change in the way they were respected and the rights they were given. Both Martin Luther King Jrs grandfather and father were Baptist Preachers, they were very peaceful people and never tried to harm anyone("Martin"). Martin Luther King Jr was a respectful person and would never try to harm anyone he always tried to bring peace to the world and bring equal rights but not everyone liked that. The reason why everyone has equal rights to this day is because of Martin Luther King Jr never stopped bringing peace to the world. In Martin Luther King Jr speech it outlines the ways in which he hopes the world will change for the better(Boshier 66). In Martins "I Have a Dream" he explains how he wants black people and white people can use the same bathrooms and same water fountains instead of everything being segregated. And when he said "I hope the world will change for the better" he wanted the world to change on its own and everyone equal to each other and less violence in the world . here are the many ways that Martin Luther King Jr has positively benefited the world by using nonviolent

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