Martin Luther King Jr.: A Great Leader

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Dr.King a Great Leader When you think of a good leader you think of someone who can influence and lead people. Good leaders do the right things for the people their leading and fight for whats right. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. is a good leader because he fought for equal rights, he was a educated pastor, and he lead a movement that left behind a legacy that will be remembered forever. He played a very big role in ending segregation of African Americans in the U.S.(Biography, 2018). With all his great accomplishments he was able to be a great leader of this movement. If you want to be a good leader you should be a smart respectable person who can handle big responsibility. Dr. King started public school at age 5 and then went on to high school. He had a reputation for being a good student and even skipped 9th and 11th grade. Then he began college at age 15 in 1944 (Biography, 2018). This shows how Dr. King is very smart and was able to put together the movement and protests. In King’s senior year of college he decided he wanted to have a career as a pastor. After leaving college King graduated as valedictorian and earned his sociology degree in 1951. His college president Benjamin E. Mays influenced his spiritual education, which king used as a force in social change (Biography, 2018). Using religion as a force was a smart idea because pastors are excellent speakers and they are trustworthy. Eventually Dr. King went on to get his doctorate degree and even received the

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