Discuss The Impact Of Martin Luther King In The Civil Rights Movement

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Civil disobedience is the act of disobeying governmental commands in a peaceful, non-violent, form of protest. Throughout history, peaceful protest have had a positive impact on free society. Peaceful protest have had the biggest impact during the Civil Rights Movement. During this time, many people have led non-violent protest for their rights, including well known African-American Activist, Martin Luther King Jr.. He was most famously known for his speech, I Have a Dream. In the 1950's, the Jim Crow Laws were passed. These laws allowed the dicrimination on people based on their race. Martin Luther King Jr. was a protester who fought against these laws. In his attempt to gain civil rights for blacks, he was arrested. He wrote a letter during his jail period called, the Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Even while King was being treated as a felon, he still continued his protest with the many people who read the letter. His attempt for justice was strongly successful towards the Civil Rights Act in 1964. King was assassinated four years later by James Earl Ray in 1968. Another peacful protester during the Civil Rights Movement was Rosa Parks. In 1955, Rosa Parks was told to give up her bus seat for a white man. But she refused in an effort to end segregation. In her refusal and arrest, the law was lifted that …show more content…

Recently, along with President Donald J Trump's inauguration, women have come together to protest his said attemps to end plan-parenthood and abortions. On January 21st, 2017, women and men have set up a protest march in attempt to keep the planned parenthood program that ObamaCare helps to cover, and that the Republicans want to defund, and keep abortions a choice for the women. Purposely, this march was set up one week before the 'March of Life'. The March of Life is an anti-abortion

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