Martin Luther King Write A Literary Analysis Of Civil Rights

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Literary Analysis Kelsey Ganzon Ela ⅘ Cormy

Civil rights: The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. This is something everyone should be guaranteed to have. Today we are all equal, but it always wasn’t like that. Martin Luther King Jr. changed society forever. He was a civil rights activist who was also the leader of the Civil Rights Movement. King was a pacifist who believed in nonviolent protests. There were many protests he did. Among all these protests, there was one in particular that was very famous. It was the March on Washington. Like his protest, he also used speeches to influence people. His most famous speech, “I Have a Dream” had the biggest impact on the civil rights movement. In his speech, he …show more content…

An anaphora is repeated phrases or words at the beginning of successive verses. Writers use anaphoras to help the audience remember certain points of the speech. Martin Luther King Jr. used many examples of anaphoras. One example is when he says “go back.” He was referring to the states of Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana. King did this to show how people were being rude and not treating them equalally because segregation laws were still active in the southern states. Another example of an anaphora is when he repeats “I have a dream.” He specifically said this to show that he has hope that one day everyone will be equal. King also wants everyone else to hope that it would happen and get support for the Civil Rights Movement. The last anaphora is “be satisfied.¨ In the paragraph, King says that we will not be satisfied until their goals are met and they get their rights back. When he says we, he is regarding regular citizens who have been mistreated. He wants the citizens to agree that they will only have the satisfaction if everyone participates and gives their rights

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