Civil Disobedience Essay

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Our elderly teaches us to be obedient, but disobedience is a virtue proving one's ability to stand against a wrong. Oscar Wilde argues that disobedience is a valuable human trait that can create social progress. Disobedience is necessary to make changes within ourselves or amongst our community.

For example, Martin Luther King Jr. served as leader in his community and argued that civil disobedience was one way to change the laws and feelings being set against colored people. King believed in order to get his point across was by taking action, but he did not want violent protests and the use of physical force. In order to justify the acts of civil disobedience, King claims, you must prove what wrong has been done to you and for a person …show more content…

Rosa Parks boarded a bus to go home from work. A white man entered the bus after her, and the driver ordered Rosa Parks to move as part at the segregation “Jim Crow Laws”. When asked to move the active NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) member, she refused and stayed seated in her seat. Parks was arrested for her actions on the bus, however, these actions led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott which changed civil rights in America. Rosa Parks did not stop fighting for equality after being thrown into jail. As Parks got older, she worked hard to make sure she would see the day when African Americans got the rights they deserved. Parks knew the best way to keep fighting was to inspire the younger generation and have them join in. Rosa Parks saw energy in the younger generation, and they were motivated to help make a difference in Civil Rights.

In conclusion, I agree with Oscar Wilde's argument on disobedience being the right thing to do. At times, it is easier to say “yes” rather than “No”. Although saying “No” can be difficult, speaking up your mind and being liberal about your opinion can make a huge impact within yourself or your

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