Essay On Civil Disobedience

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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” These astonishing words that Mahatma Gandhi said made me suppose that Civil Disobedience is a Moral Responsibility of a citizen because when breaking certain laws, a citizen perhaps incorporate a good intention or a bad intention for breaking it. Citizens break the law occasionally to have their beliefs be heard so change can be assemble. Some ways that Civil Disobedience can be a Moral Responsibility would be breaking the law for the right intentions. An example of breaking the law for the right intentions could be The Salt March that Gandhi Created or, Rosa Parks standing up for her beliefs about her actions, MLK wanting equal rights with caucasian. Illegal Immigrants coming into the …show more content…

Civil Disobedience is known as breaking the law because you don 't agree with a certain law or have a peaceful protest about that law or what you believe in. An example would be when Mahatma Gandhi walked miles to the Indian ocean as the citizens gathered more and more to fight for there Indian Independence. This occasion was called the Salt March. The reason for The Salt March was a March were all the citizens from India walked with gandhi to fight back for their Independence from the British, since it was taken away from the British. Gandhi Broke The Salt Law on April 6, 1930, it sparked large as a civil disobedience against The British Raj, Salt laws, over 8000 people were jailed for supporting Gandhi 's beliefs about non violence. The reason I assume this act shows how Civil Disobedience is a Moral Responsibility of the citizen because Gandhi did what he thought was right not only for himself but for others and made a stand for the people of India and broke the law to be heard and now the country of Indian has their Independence because of his actions. Additionally this provides Moral Responsibility since Gandhi thought that Marching with the Indian people his actions would not only be the best for him but for his

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