Martin Luther King Rhetorical Analysis

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Martin Luther King has changed America tremendously, wouldn’t you agree? King has made very powerful writings but the two main speeches are “I Have a Dream” and “Letter From Birmingham Jail”. There is many of the three rhetorical appeals which are Pathos, Logos, and Ethos. There was one simple thing in both species, King wanted freedom but unfortunately he did not get that. He tried really hard because segregation got way out of control. King witnessed it all the time, his kids not being able to go to the same school or right in front of his eyes signs that read “Blacks Only” or “Whites Only”. Nobody could understand why this was happening and King wanted to end it. King never got freedom, he was a very respectful man that wanted segregation and racism to end. King was a non-violence guy he just wanted his children to go to the same school, or his children to not see the signs and not understand why this is happening to them because it 's not fair. Segregation needs to end! We all want freedom at last!
In the “Letter From Birmingham Jail” King wanted to express and protest against racism, but in a nonviolent way. Martin Luther King never wanted violence in his life, all he wanted was freedom for everyone. He got put behind bars many,many times and we went peacefully he didn 't fight back that 's not the man he wanted to be. King wanted freedom that is what this is all about. It didn’t end exactly as we wanted it though, King was shot and killed everyone was devastated. Even

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