Martin Luther King Letter To Birmingham Jail

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Peaceful resistance to laws positively affect a free society. Throughout history, there have been multiple cases of both violent and peaceful protests. However, the peaceful protests are the ones that tend to stick with a society and are the ones that change the society for the better. In April 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a letter about just and unjust laws while he was in Birmingham jail for peacefully protesting. King came to Birmingham because "injustice is here". King wrote about the ways African Americans were treated, and how they suffered just because they were a different race. King believed that the way African Americans were treated was unjust. He believed that If whites were allowed to have their "god given rights", so should African Americans. King believes that "there is nothing …show more content…

After they were approved the right to vote, many states denied them this right or had civil service tests that they had to take in order to vote. During wars, they would recruit African Americans to fight by promising them freedom and equality when the war ended. King with his letter to Birmingham Jail wasn't the only type of civil disobedience going on. Rosa Parks cause the bus boycott when she refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person. Parks fought to desegregate buses. Bus drivers got to choose who stood and who had the right to sit down when the bus was full. Parks thought this was unjust. African Americans all around town refused to get on the buses. King ended up being a part of this boycott. This became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Bus companies began to loose tons of money because whites even began to join in. Eventually, buses desegregated so they would start gaining the money they were losing. Rosa Parks is now well known for this boycott because it changed the way African Americans were treated on

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