How Did Martin Luther King Jr Accomplish

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Martin Luther King Jr. may have been the most impactful person to alter over a century of ethnic atrocities in the United States of American. Over a half-century after his death, people astute to the issues of racial equality in American should ask what did Martin Luther King Jr. accomplish. Here is a list of some of these accomplishments, his background and education, plus how his influential legacy lives on today.

The Accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr.

During his lifetime, Martin Luther King Jr. made an impressive impact on racial diversity. When people talk about what did Martin Luther King Jr. accomplish, the list could be very lengthy. Here are some of the noteworthy accomplishments during his short, 39 year lifetime.

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott started early in December, 1955.

Martin Luther was still a young minister, but his ability to organize people in peaceful protest became immediately obvious. On the same day the boycott began, King was appointed president of the Montgomery Improvement Association.

The Montgomery Improvement Association was a collective group of black pastors and local leaders. Its initial theme become the bus boycott drew national attention to racial inequality. It also propelled King into the national limelight.

When considering achievements of what did Martin Luther King Jr. accomplish, the Montgomery Bus Boycott began his assent to becoming the most visibly prominent member the American civil rights movement. King mentioned this event in his memoirs as a vital part of the civil rights initiative.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference

1957, was a monumental year in the list of what did Martin Luther King Jr. accomplish. As a direct result of the successful year-long bus boycott, King became the leader of the Southern Christian Leadership

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