Montgomery Bus Boycott Dbq Essay

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a successful movement in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. The protest was huge protest movement against racial segregation on the public transportation system in Montgomery, Alabama. Throughout the Civil Rights Movement African Americans fought to put an end to segregation and discrimination. They conducted peaceful, non-violent protests in attempt to reach their goal of ending segregation and discrimination. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was one of the most effective peaceful protests during the Civil Rights Movement. African Americans from Montgomery stopped riding the bus for 13 months. It ending with the Supreme Court’s final ruling that segregation on public buses is unconstitutional and was no longer allowed. …show more content…

Because the African American population as a whole worked together and all refused to ride the bus, they boycott was a success. With a leader such as Martin Luther King Jr the population were enabled to build a movement to a point where it got the exact result they wanted. “In Montgomery, Alabama, king found a receptive audience for his sermons.”(Doc F) He found the perfect group of people that were bind by the hope for change to stage such a mass protest that lasted 13 months. “For months, the buses were almost empty because most of the riders had been black.” (Doc. A) Do to the fact that there was full participation, meaning that no African Americans continued to ride the bus, it made the bus ride a successful protest. “I think it is the first time that a whole Negro community has come together this way and for so long and I think they are going to win it.”(Doc. D) Even people outside of the Boycott noticed the fact that they had come together and noticed that they were receiving a result. Over all, the unity of the African Americans from Montgomery, Alabama came together to protest and fight against segregation on public transportation and contributed to the success of it

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