Civil Rights Movement Thesis

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Introduction The story of the Civil Rights Movements of African Americans in America is an important story that many people knew, especially because of the leadership Martin Luther King Jr. Black people in America, between 1945 and 1970 had to fight for rights because they had been segregated by white people, they didn’t have equal laws compared to white people. So they initiated the Civil Rights Movements to fight for getting equal civil rights. African Americans in the USA from 1945-1970 had to work for the equal civil rights with white people. Many non-violent strategies were used by Martin Luther Jr to gain civil rights. It was compulsory to examine what human rights they lacked before Civil Rights Movements, what non-violent strategies…show more content…
After Rosa parks refused to give her seat to white passenger and was arrested. The black people decided to launch a boycott. It denoted all of African Americans walked instead of riding a bus. The boycotters hoped the bus companies would lose money and be forced to abandon their segregation policy. After a year bus boycott, a unit state’s District Court ruling in Browder V. Gayle banned racial segregation on all Montgomery public buses. The bus boycott was significantly effective because it was not only getting the right for bus but also it showed the African Americans’ determination of fighting for equal rights. Another example of non-violent strategy was sit-in. A group of black students broke down segregation by sitting in the white section in restaurant. They expressed their protest by sitting. It was highly effective because it initiated by black students. When Martin Luther King was in jail, the leaders in Birmingham decided a new strategy. A group of black children would march in Birmingham to protest against racism. If the children of Birmingham couldn’t awake American’s conscience, they thought, then nothing would. These non-violent strategies were very important to Civil Rights…show more content…
Because of the African Americans were treated unequal, they started the Civil Rights Movement, they desired to get more civil rights through the Civil Right Movement. Many successful non-violent strategies had been used by African Americans such as bus boycott, sit-ins and marching of Birmingham. Also because of the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr, the Africa Americans gained some civil rights at the end of Civil Right Movement. Reference •,2015, Civil Rights Movement, retrieved at 12 August 2015 from •, 2015, Martin Luther King Jr, Fighting for equal rights in America, retrieved at 12 August 2015 from • Paterson D, Willoughby D, Willoughby S, 2010, Civil Rights in the USA, 1863-1980, Heinemann, Oxford • January B. 2003, Witness to history: Civil Rights in the USA. Oxford: Heinemann
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