Compare And Contrast The Harlem Renaissance And The Civil Rights Movement

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Reflections: Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Movement Racism, killing of African Americans, evolution of music.These are all reasons why the Civil Rights Movement and the Harlem Renaissance has similar purposes. The Civil Rights Movement was lead by many activists such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, plus other leaders. The Harlem Renaissance had poets such as Langston Hughes and blues singers such as Louis Armstrong. Together these leaders made a difference in the way of African Americans. First came the Harlem Renaissance, then came the unforgettable Civil Rights Movement. Both historical events were reflected upon each other. As already known, the Harlem Renaissance used many tactics to voice black rights. They used strategies such as blues music, poetry, artwork, and non- violent protests. The Civil Rights Movement paved the way for African American through riots, speeches, and unnecessary arrests. The people who lived during the Civil Rights Movement used both violent and non- violent protests , marches and speeches. No matter how anyone look at the past, it carved a better future for many African Americans. …show more content…

These approaches paved a way for African Americans to voice their freedom, and to show that they have rights as well. Many music artists like Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday sang blues, a famous type of music for the black community, to speak of their troubling times. These artists spoke of many casualties like the massive arrests and the mass amount of murders happening at the time. Poets such as W.E.B DuBois and Langston Hughes wrote about similar situations. They mentioned times that they went through in a way way for readers to visualize the tragic times. Hughes traveled to many places inspiring many young

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