Essay On How The NAACP And Civil Rights Movement Affected America

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"How has the NAACP and Civil Rights Movement affected America" No one will ever forget the Baltimore riots. Freddie Gray, the young man killed by Baltimore police, became the symbol for the brutality facing young Black men. As a young Black man, it was hard for me to stay off of social media during these incidents. The riots raged on and many non-Blacks sought to remind our population of what we’re not allowed to do. Many social media posts focused on the March on Washington, Selma, and peaceful sit-ins, and captioned their posts with the statement: “Why can’t Blacks be peaceful like the Civil Rights Movement.” Now, I felt that I had to control my temper. All they were really doing was trying to help, right? Maybe my White counterparts thought that my people needed a lesson on remembrance; a lesson that showed the peaceful side of what they conveniently omit, was a …show more content…

The Civil Rights Movement provided us with many leaders for our young generation to emulate. The NAACP, more distinctly, has granted Black Americans a voice. From its founding in the 20th century by such legends as W.E.B Du Bois and Ida B. Wells, the NAACP has inspired the disenfranchised to speak. They have provided educational opportunities, legal actions, and monetary support for the advancement of our people. Most importantly, the NAACP has taught Black Americans that it is their right to dream. So what has this taught America? America has learned that the fight for equality and against discrimination is ongoing. Additionally, the movements fight for equality has become the basis for other progressive movements. Immigration reformation, for example, exudes a myriad of similarities to the protests and legal actions of the 50’s and 60’s. The Civil Rights Movement promoted an ideology that hard work and sacrifice could mean the freedom of millions of people. An idea that scares many and inspires

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