Why Did The Civil Rights Movement Change America Essay

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How could a signature transform America? Particularly, how did L.B.J’ s signature change America? Johnson was in the House of Representatives for 11 years, help a position in the Senate for 12 years, and was majority leader. He was then chosen as Vice President for John F Kennedy, despite losing the Democratic Party’s nomination, but 3 years later when J.F.K. was assassinated he took office as president. While holding office, Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 giving all Americans of any any race the same opportunity. Why did L.B.J. sign the Civil Rights Act Of 1964? I believe he did for politics; If political decisions are calculated and in one’s own self-interest, then the Public Opinion Polls, the Sincerity Question, and the 1957 …show more content…

The stumbling block gives a clear accusation of making decisions specifically off of politics. The cartoon resurfaced Johnson's want for segregation in 1957. Secondly it showed he just blew with the wind, meaning what every majority wanted that was how he voted. So, when he was senator majority wanted segregation so he voted for it, but when president most wanted integration so he signed the Civil Rights Act. It shows that he just wanted to keep the citizens of America happy. He never really put much thought into his decisions except for the fact of was he going to be liked. This is the third and final most important reason on why he signing of the Civil Rights Act was based purely on politics. In conclusion, The Civil Rights Act was signed through politics and he did win the election of 1964. America did benefit greatly from the new laws creating equal opportunity for all who lived there. In his new term, Johnson created the Great Society which allowed many unprivileged children have equal footing for school. It also created medicare and environmental acts, all to benefit america. So while he may have won for the wrong reasons, know that Civil Rights is one of the best things the country ever

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