Compare And Contrast The Civil Rights Movement In The 1950's And 1960s

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The tactics used civil rights movement of both the 1950’s and 1960’s were different helped them succeed in different ways. During the late 1950s the tactics that were used were political, while in the early in 1960s they used social and political tactics to get their goals achieved, but in the late 1960s the tactics that were used were primarily economic and social, In the 1950’s, the civil rights movement was very successful because activist showed the level of racism and segregation in the south. The tactics and resistance made in this time period helped achieve desegregation because and the resistance that the activists dealt with just made them become more aware in the media and hopefully spread nation wide. One major tactic the activists used was political.They used this tactic in the Brown vs Board case. The NAACP had its team of lawyers put the case together to begin integration. chief legal lawyer for NAACP personally argued the case before the …show more content…

The voting act was an act that supported that african americans have the right to vote like any white man. Another tactic used was the idea of Black Nationalism. African Americans united together was under Malcolm X and islam. Malcolm X gave African Americans a idea of black nationalism and that they are good and better than white people. Also SNCC, which used to have white members purged them all so that the African Americans can do things themselves without the help of any white men.The movements that were upfront with stopping voting discrimination were most successful and gained support nationwide for its goals and objectives. A year later segregation was outlawed by the Omnibus Civil Rights Act. In the end the Civil Rights Movement in 1965-1969 may not have been 100 percent successful but African Americans did make progress and are a few steps closer to being economically, politically and morally equal like any white

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