Philosophical Differences Between Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Philosophical differences between martin luther king and malcolm X The philosophical differences between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X have to do with the their protest strategies. MLK never fought with violence. Although he would get physically attacked, he stood his ground and continued to fight for equality peacefully. King believed that whites and blacks should come together to end the hate and violence. MLK’s “I have a dream” speech promoted the idea of integration. He believed that the races were created equal and that blacks should be respected as American citizens. Malcolm X followed Muslim principles and believed that he would protest “by any means necessary.” He would do whatever needed in order to obtain freedom for African-Americans whether it be violence or nonviolent. Malcolm opposed integration and believed that blacks needed to fend for themselves in the fight against whites. His aim was for blacks to be completely separated from the other races so that they could develop their own homeland. His ideas proved to be controversial. Although his leadership was helpful in terms of spreading black nationalism, his ideas of “complete segregation’ wasn’t prefered by many. Why did civil rights …show more content…

It caused further segregation throughout the country. As blacks began to speak out for freedom and equality, whites pushed back. Rather than listening to the speeches of black leaders in order to understand their plight for equality, whites ignored peaceful protests and instead used police force to subdue large crowds. The Montgomery bus boycott succeeded in ending the ordinance for the segregation between blacks and whites on public buses. However, it further segregated the social interactions between the two races. The freedom riders proved a point to show the strength of the black race, but caused a divide as the white race became threatened and ---more

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